Arrow offers secure, guaranteed and precise data transfer from a restricted and well-protected network to a more open and accessible space. All your valuable data is encrypted, de-fingerprinted and transmitted, masked if necessary.

Data is becoming the most important asset of organizations day by day. While the value of companies is measured by the amount of accurate data, condoning data leakage can cause rapid reputational damage in the blink of an eye, and money and effort are wasted. Today is the age of communication. While very fast, secure and integrated communication has become today's most basic standard, it determines the winner and the loser. We need to find a tremendous balance between data security and access. In this way, our daily operations can continue without jeopardizing corporate and government values, operational performance, and even military secrets.

With Arrow's modular software architecture and licensing model, it provides easy integration, does not require the purchase of unnecessary features from the first day, and does not incur hardware replacement costs in case of performance needs. The flexible software infrastructure developed by Angora Engineering Team allows for custom solutions. So you are not constrained by a limited set of functions.

ICAP Integration and Licensing

Arrow is designed to transfer your data accurately and securely. Provides reporting to prevent data leakage. It follows the movements of the people and notifies the relevant top manager in case of a possible violation. It also removes fingerprints on the transferred data.

However, in cases where all these are not enough, it maximizes the security of the file to be moved by exchanging data with external security devices with ICAP support.

With the function-based license model, you only have the functions you need. It supports your hardware needs. If your functional needs change and your hardware is not sufficient, hardware change is provided without any expense.

One Way Warranty Hardware

Arrow guarantees one-way data transfer thanks to its special hardware structure. With the unidirectional fiber transfer modules developed by Angora Network, sending traffic in the opposite direction is physically blocked. Unlike other copper interface or SFP interface devices, it is not possible to provide software feedback.

Arrow hardware is guaranteed to support owned function licenses. If the licenses require more than the current hardware performance, hardware replacement will be done by Angora Networks. .

ARROW Data Diode

Extendable Function Set

Angora Networks lives up to its promises. Your needs require special solutions and no one can force you to the features of their product. Rather, your needs must be met. Different companies with special needs can request the transport of their traffic for the new protocols at no additional cost. At Angora, we know very well that different types of business are subject to different solutions and are not the only result when it comes to security. That's why we offer the necessary new protocol support for free

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Technicial Specifications

    Operating System
    Debian-based Angora OS
    Protocol Support
    Web File Transfer, Samba, Syslog, SNMP, Scada, Web API, HTTP,HTTPS etc.
    PKI Encryption, Fingerprint removal, data masking, quarantine, hierarchical structure
    User management
    Prioritization, subordinate/parent association, user-based feature access, integration with directory services, file type control, protocol type control, quota management
    Transfer log, usage violation, SIEM integration, alarm management, external communication with API
    External Application Support
    ICAP based antivirus, antimalware, DLP
    Web interface, RestAPI, Mobile application
    Protocol support, registrations, custom solutions

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