Angora Networks® launches Data Diode solution: Arrow

Ankara, Turkey – December 05, 2023 – Angora Networks®, a leader in the Turkish Communications Networking equipment sector, today announced a significant advancement in cybersecurity technology. ion. The company has integrated ModBUS and OPC protocol support into its Data Diode Solution, reinforcing its position as a pioneering force in network security innovat

In an era where Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is pivotal, balancing convenience with cybersecurity has emerged as a paramount challenge. Angora Networks addresses this challenge head-on, ensuring robust data protection and uninterrupted service in our increasingly digital world.

Data Diodes represent a critical innovation in cybersecurity, creating unidirectional data flows to physically isolate and protect network infrastructures. This technology is rapidly gaining traction across various sectors, including power and gas distribution, manufacturing, finance, military operations, and more.

With the integration of ModBUS and OPC protocols, Angora Networks’ Data Diode solutions now offer enhanced compatibility and security for diverse industrial environments. This advancement allows for seamless, real-time monitoring of closed industrial networks, significantly enhancing incident response times. Moreover, it enables real-time business intelligence analysis, a crucial component for informed decision-making in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

Angora Networks’ introduction of ModBUS and OPC protocol support represents a major step forward in network security technology. It solidifies the Data Diode solution as a key player in modern network infrastructures, ready to serve a global clientele seeking robust, reliable cybersecurity solutions.

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