Designing and operating your network is vital to provide the perfect flow to corporate applications. A network that is not designed to meet correct demands of a company and that requires big changes for each new requirement, would eventually cause a failure. This failure point, is usually comes with business shortages and cause service delivery problems, money loss and reputation erosion. Communication and application requirements change almost daily, and mandates your network runs on very high speeds. This is only sustainable, by implementing high performance devices, appropriate monitoring solutions and ecient security measures.

Life is usually not fair, so does IT budgets. Although all requirements are well set, the reality is, IT teams are expected to achieve the perfect environment with limited budgets together with users and customers that has no tolerance to any kind of communication problem.

Non-Stop Delivery

Correct data, right decision principle is the key to success for network administrators. This way, applying more ecient security policies and protecting application and user data more firmly becomes possible. High resolution network visibility, prevents errors and decrease troubleshooting times. Detailed analysis and decision tools help you easily and quickly create trac flows. Once things are getting easier, it is more comfortable to deal with limited budget and resources. Time to return on investment for security products gets shorter. So, effciency or cost index becomes higher


All are possible with very powerful and high capacity ASIC architecture coupled with latest x86 CPUs. End result is a very efficient software running on higher capacities than server based hardware.

Current hardware architecture supports up to 1Tbps traffic distribution on 48x25Gbps and 6x100Gbps ports. With the fabric extender options for data center architecture, up to 192 ports of 25G interface would be available under a single management space, you can meet current requirements today, and simplify your operation without any architectural change in case you need to provision new applications or security measures, resulting easier control on your IT budget and on demand modular expansion.

Packet Broker eliminates any loss while classifying and distributing traffic. Switching rates will be higher than other architecture-based routing options. End solution prevents the complexity due to Layer3 routing and delays caused by multiple hops. Also by sending only significant traffic to right device directly, you would conserve resources on the devices that lays between trac entry point and processing engine. As a result, all devices would be responsible with traffic they are excelled to process with.

Network Packet Broker


Based on Angora Data Center packet switching technologies, smart packet classification algorithms combined with extremely easy user interface, we have created a protocol independent traffic distribution platform with very high capacity. Packet duplication and delivery is the most important basic requirements but the magic is correct delivery. Since delivering every packet cause bottlenecks, and creates new blind spots, it also steals the performance of processing devices. With the help of smart classification and delivery filters, traffic from different ports can be classified independently.

Based on your network layered structure, selected traffic can be transferred to appropriate analysis and monitoring engine. Perfect isolation between ports allows the use of single packet broker to work for different segments of your network. L2/L7 packet analysis features, allows you to control from physical address to anything in the packet payload. This will help you with more detailed controls, and prevents any leaks. Very fast and correct classification clears the blind spots. They are losses caused by packet classification errors and result analysis errors and more importantly security implementation problems. Even a single malicious packet that is not correctly classified, would throw away all your security precautions. Packet Broker controls your traffic 100% and prevents any error on classification and delivery. Most important point is to give the right decision, you need to have the right idea.

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Technicial Specifications

    Traffic Distribution/Filtering
    L2 Mac Addresses, VLAN ID, MPLS tag, Ethertype L3 IPv4&IPv6 addresses, DSCP, protocol numbers L4 TCP/UDP port numbers
    Port Selection
    One to one
    One to many
    Many to one
    Many to many
    Load Balancing
    From one port to destination group
    From many port to destination group
    Traffic Flow 
    100% packet delivery.No interruption or latency
    Analysis , aggregation, regeneration and filtering for traffic from more than one TAP modules
    Other Controls
    Tunnel termination, ERSPAN, GRE, VxLAN, Paket slicing, Port tagging protocol header manipulation
    SNMP alarm management
    Easy Drag&Drop Web UI
    Single management interface 
    1/10/25Gb Ports
    100 Gb Ports
    Packet processor
    Flash - RAM 
    16GB - 8GB 
    Traffic Limit 
    1.9 Tbps 
    Power Supply 
    1+1 redundant, 220V, 650W
    4+1 redundant 
    1U, 440x470x44 mm

Karınca Packet-Broker Datasheet


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