Angora Networks ® completed the PacketFence NAC integration.
Angora Networks® Unveils Game-Changing ModBUS and OPC Protocol Support in Its Data Diode Solution

Ankara, Turkey – October 10, 2022 – Angora Networks®, Turkey’s leading and innovative Network equipment manufacturer Angora Networks® launches Data Diode Solution called Arrow.

Arrow: Data Diode The Different Way

With the advent of communication speeds and evolving application-based business models, data security becomes the most important concern, not just to think about, but build everything around it. IOT networking infrastructures, military grade data flows, sensitive financial transactions, and personal privacy, all require very high and exquisitely balanced security approaches.

Most security precautions focus on data access and integrity. Another aspect as important as these two is the flow of data, from a well-protected zone to a less secure, human interacted zone.

There are many security measures to check while transferring data between two ends. Some are rule based on source/destination characteristics, some control if the data is modified, others check if there is sensitive data. These rules are very important to protect the data yet they are not protecting the environment where the data is actually generated.

A good example is a SCADA network where an information generating network is physically isolated from the rest of the world. This information is widely used for operational purposes. Modern business approach mandates that any information has to be also used for business intelligence. Going one step backward, this requires out of band analysis of all information and another step back we need to transfer the data from scada systems to open networks. So, we have to find a way to transfer the data, and keep the same environment untouchable.

The data diodes come to play a critical role in modern networks. Angora Networks is a high-tech solution to this problem at the network level with all benefits of legacy solutions with advanced new features and business supporting functions. Please visit our web site at for more information.

About Angora Networks ®

Angora Networks, a disruptive Turkish manufacturer of Communications Networking equipment, turns IT into an innovation center by providing high quality products and services. Angora Networks aims to be the preferred manufacturer with its long-term and strategic approach. With its products supported by high quality services, Angora Networks is taking firm steps towards becoming a reliable business partner for critical corporate communication networks.

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