Angora Network and Knowledge club signed Authorized Training Center agreement
Angora Networks ® completed the PacketFence NAC integration.

Ankara, Turkey – June 21, 2021 – Angora Networks ® , a disruptive Turkish manufacturer of Communications Networking equipment, Turkey’s leading and innovative Network equipment manufacturers Angora Networks ® completed the Cisco ISE integration.

Cisco Inc. ( ) is the world leader in the switch and router market, which are the cornerstones of the operation of the Internet. Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) provides a solution that provides highly secure network access control and automates policy enforcement. ISE empowers software-defined access and automates network segmentation in IT environments.

For a project with a valuable customer, within the scope of 802.1x integration of Angora Networks network switches, software developments that will work in harmony with Cisco ISE have been completed. With this software development, features such as 802.1x, AAA, Change of Authorization (CoA), profiling, posturing, dynamic VLAN, dynamic VLAN, RADIUS, TACACS+ etc. that our customers need are now supported. All ISE functions are running with Cisco profile, and does not require any change on ISE configuration or operation.

Angora Networks works hard to support its customers with the highest quality products and services. Angora Networks offers its customers its agility and power in software development to the advantage of the market. Angora Networks effectively applies its field experience and expertise gained as a result of many years to the solution of the business problems of the market and its customers. This approach is a win-win scenario for all stakeholders, especially users.

About Angora Networks ®

Angora Networks, a disruptive Turkish manufacturer of Communications Networking equipment, turns IT into an innovation center by providing high quality products and services. Angora Networks aims to be the preferred manufacturer with its long-term and strategic approach. With its products supported by high quality services, Angora Networks is taking firm steps towards becoming a reliable business partner for critical corporate communication networks.

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