Privacy and security are top concerns for every internet user. Digital freedom and anonymity is everyone's desire.

VPN configurations are often complex for average users. Agent setups on different platforms are confusing. Some platforms do not even support VPN agents (such as IPTV Boxes, game consoles, SmartTVs, IoT Sensors, Home Appliances, Security Cameras)

Denizaltı (Submarine), teçhizatınızı internete bağlama şeklinizi değiştirmez, ancak arkasındaki tüm karmaşıklığı gizleyerek çevrimiçi olmanız için size kolay, güvenli ve özel bir seçenek sunar.

What SUBMARINE does?

Makes VPN invisible
Provides VPN Over Wi-Fi Network
Works without agent
Avoids setup and configuration, PnP
Broadcasts additional secure and private SSIDs
Can be connected to any router via Ethernet port
Submarine Pro provides SMBs with their own VPN servers
Shorten problem resolution times

SUBMARINE Bunu nasıl yapar?

User connects SUBMARINE to Ethernet port
With SUBMARINE activated it starts broadcasting SSIDs
Any device without VPN feature can connect to this WiFi network for secure and private connection
Automatically updates firmware
No need for maintenance
Does not require special management
Environment friendly

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